Correct uses of Noun

The Indian team defeated The English team by an inning. Use innings

We forget our luggages at the airport. Use luggage

He handed over a thousand rupees note to me. Use rupee

These kind of cars are often use by the Indians. Use kinds

My father-in-laws who live in Kanpur come to stay with us. Use law

All the furnitures have purchased for the new house. Use furniture

The children should listen to the advices given by their parents. Use pieces of advice

He is an expert in the game of dies. Use die

M.S. Dhoni scored more than ten thousands runs. Use thousand

He was unable to help his parent, though both of them had no income of their own. Use parents(means father and mother otherwise it is either father or mother)

His failure in the final examination has raised several vital question. Use questions

We live in a two-hundred-years old house in Lucknow. Use year instead of years

This Company cannot work properly unless it appoint a talented sale-representative. Use sales

Spring has its own charms and delights. Use her intead of its

Peace hath its victories no less renowned than war. Use her instead of its

A lady teacher teaches me Mathematics. Use woman instead of lady

Who has forgotten this lady’s bag?

Death always knows her victim. Use his instead of her

If any student comes here, ask her to wait. Use him instead of her

The climate of Mumbai is better than Delhi. Use better than that of Delhi

Her appearance is better than anybody else. Use else’s

They were reading one another books. Use one another’s

This is the only boy’s hostel in our colony. Use boys’ hostel

There was a girl’s college in our village. Use girls’ college

I painted the house’s door in brown colour. Use the door of house

Who has broken the window’s glass? Use the glass of window

We were waiting for the train arrival at the railway station. Use train’s arrival

Every student is expected to obey his teachers order. Use teacher’s order is a four year’s degree course. Use three years’ degree

Name the scientist who discovered the laws of the earth gravitational force. Use earth’s gravitational. (Earth is dignified natural object)

The life of the poor is more difficult than that of the rich’s. use the rich

A brother of my friend came to me today and asked me for help. Use my friend’s

Don’t point out one other merits and demerits before anyone. Use one other’s

There was no money in Ajay’s and Vijay’s joint account. Use Ajay instead of Ajay’s (because possession is joint)

There was no money in the bank in Ajay’s and Vijay’s individual accounts. Correct

Ajay’s performance in the examination is better than Vijay’s. Correct

After a hard days’ work, I like to be relaxed. Use day’s work