Correct uses of Articles(examples)

There are many important examples of correct usage of articles asked in several exams.

Mr. Sharma lived in the two-hundred year old house in Delhi. Use a instead of the
Never have I listened to such a beautiful song on radio. Use on the instead of on
The uncle of mine who is a teacher gave me a piece of useful knowledge. Use an uncle instead of the uncle
Whenever I met him he is always remains in temper. Use in a instead of in
I don’t talk to her, she always remains in temper. Use in a instead of in

I do not like this type of a person who does nothing but find out fault in others. Remove a after type of (article is not use after type of/kind of)
This kind of a mango I used to buy in fruit market. Remove a
The first European sailor came to India was Vasco-da-Gama. Correct
His mother forbade him to go to park late at night. Use go to the
Only a few potatoes were above ground the rest were under the ground. Use under ground
My brother came home after the sunset and had gone before sunrise. Use after sunset
In the meeting he was selected as the chairman yesterday. Use selected as chairman

Ajay and Vijay are good swimmers but the former is best than latter. Use the latter
Vinod and Rakesh are great mathematicians but the former is best than latter. Use the latter
We should drink several glasses of the water daily if we want to remain healthy. Remove the before water
He did not solve all the problems of the question paper but he did solve problems of algebra. Use the problem
He has been learning English for last two years but not shown any improvement. Use for the last
It is obvious that most of people want to earn more but work less. Use most of the people
Everyone knows that elephant is stronger than all other animals. Use the elephnant
The railway line will greatly improve transport and communication in eastern part of the country. Use the eastern
Everyone is now aware of the bad consequences of habit of drinking alcohol. Use the habit

His father-in-law is still in the hospital for treatment. Remove the (because hospital is used for its purpose)
My mother goes to the temple to worship there. Remove the
We generally go to the bed at 9 O’clock. Remove the
My father went to the school to pay the admission fees. Correct(here school is used for other purpose)
Yesterday there was a great rush in the temple. Correct(here temple is not used for its purpose)
I am going to the hospital to visit my friend. Correct(hospital is not used for it purpose)

The deeper we go, cooler we feel. Use the cooler
Half of field has been irrigated. Use the field
Generally, bananas are sold by dozen. Use the dozen
The America is a rich country. Remove the
The Lucknow of Uttar Pradesh is famous today. Correct
A man was run over by truck. Use a truck
Smartphone which I have bought is new. Use the before Smartphone
Every day we ride on bicycle in morning. Use the bicycle
Today at 4O’clock we have to catch train. Use catch the train
In our planned journey we will take train. Use the train
I have to go Delhi by bus. Use the bus
They are sitting on a bus. Use the bus

They leave the home at 7 p.m. Remove the
My mother was at the home when I arrived today. Remove the
For one year this was the home of our elder brother. Correct
Today we arrived at the friend’s home. Correct
The people of Goa live near sea. Use the sea
Every weekend we go to the sea. (It means only sea shore not in sea)
We go to sea. (in the sea as sailors)
The ladies and gentlemen, I have to say something. Remove the before ladies and gentlemen
Go there, the boy. Remove the
The Mohan’s cow is black in colour. Remove the
The girl’s notebook was neatly written. Correct
At the age of twenty he turned a politician. Remove a before politician (turned is used as become)
Ajay turned the key in the lock of door. Correct
He turned the handle of the cycle, to go in the west direction. Correct
He is going to hospital to visit his sick friend. Use the hospital
The dinner is ready for us. Remove the
The breakfast was not property served. Correct

He was elected the chairman of the board. Correct
The nature looks beautiful in the spring. Correct
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Correct
Is he going to England by an air? Correct
My wife wants to go to market every Sunday. Correct
My friend wants to go to the cinema every Friday. Correct
Eggs are sold by Dozen. Use by the dozen
We went to the dinner the day before yesterday. Use dinner instead of the dinner
The Lok Sabha passed the bill yesterday. Correct
Many of the problems are due to poverty
I have a little doubt regarding your hard work. Correct
Ashwin is the best spinner in the country. Correct

He has read the first and second chapter of this book. Use the before second
She is the more beautiful of the two sisters. Correct
The dinner will be held at the Maharaja Hotel. Correct
In India the parliament is supreme. Remove the
She is most beautiful girl in our school.
Apples are sold by kilo. Use the before kilo
It is too difficult a problem to be solved. Correct
He patted me on the shoulder. Correct
I have done a three months course. Use month instead of months
He went to market by the bus. Remove the
He prefers a cup of tea with piece of bread in breakfast. Use a piece
Sahara, the biggest desert in the world is in Africa. Use the before Sahara
I like to have a walk in morning, as it keeps me fresh and fit. Use in the morning
We have not slept all the night. Remove the